Produkt - 1EVA40100


Wayne Kerr Kelvin Clips consist of a 0.6 m cable assembly terminated with four BNC connectors at the analyzer end and a pair of 4-terminal Kelvin clips at the Device Under Test end.


1EVA40100 Fine Jaw Kelvin Clips have fine-pointed jaws allowing connections to be made where clearance are minimal or there are fine wires.

Technische Daten

Frequency: 20 Hz to 3 MHz

                   All analyzers must have open-circuit and short-circuit trims performed before using Kelvin Clips. HF Compensation must also be performed if available.

Connection to Analyzer: 4-BNC 0.6 metre cable assembly

Connection to DUT: 4-terminal Kelvin Clips (defined by part number)

Maximum jaw opening:

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