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FactoryView 2014 Pro working model

4100 series

4300 series









Login interface

We provide Chinese and English user interface, different test mode to fulfill different needs, and it can adapt different connection (GPIB LAN USB)


Meter Mode

  • Multiple step test
  • Save / Load test procedure
  • Statistical analysis
  • Meter calibration
  • Choose and save the test parameter unit (Ex: uH)
  • Export CSV file, customizable divide symbol

It can accord to different steps, parameters to do Histogram and normal distribution data analysis. You can save the picture to file.


Meter Mode - Trigger

  • Multiple trigger type to meet different types of application scenarios
  • Options to choose save / display result, test index can be customized.
  • Fault tolerance setting
  • Export CSV file, customizable divide symbol


Analysis Mode

  • Scan type: frequency, bias voltage, bias current, time
  • Scanning spot can be automatically distributed or manually set
  • Result curve automatic alignment
  • Zoom in to result curve and scan specifically
  • Up to 10 set of result curve for analysis, can load the previous test data
  • Up to 10 set of cursor marks, and it can be dragged freely
  • Peak search, you can search the maximum or minimum value of the curve
  • Meter calibration, you can calibrate the instrument for compensation
  • Test data is automatically saved
  • Test data preview, Export CSV or EXCEL file, customizable divide symbol for CSV file
  • Result curve can be saved in PNG format
  • Test status display, you can change the test conditions during the test via the shortcut button
  • Test profile management, you can save or load the test you needed
  • Curve display can be turned on or off

When the test parameters are impedance and phase angle, the test data can be exported into more data type, or even all of them.


Export data


Resonance point search mode

Instrument: 6500B、6500P

  • Searchable series and parallel resonant point
  • Adjustable searching speed
  • Lower and upper limit judgment for resonance point
  • Foot switch when using the ADU200 control box
  • Equivalent circuit model parameter will display after successful search


Multi-channel test (Must comply with the 20-channel test fixture)

  • Dual frequency, four parameter can be set during the same test
  • Choose any channel for testing in the 20 channel
  • Channel switching delay can be set
  • Each channel can be calibrated separately using our unique calibration technology
  • Can do the calibration using the gold sample
  • Calibration data stored in the database, not necessary to calibrate each time
  • Support foot switch
  • Cycle test data channels, each channel has separate data file with stamped
  • You can choose different test parameters for display
  • You can choose to display multiple channels of test data (0 to 20)
  • You can choose sampling delay
  • Displaying multiple channel only need one cycle time
  • Result curve can be saved in PNG format


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